For several years Bell Canada absolutely owned the pixel look in advertising across the country.

This campaign was developed in the west for the Bell Mobility ‘youth’ brand Solo by the Vancouver agency Rethink in 2003.  By 2007 Bell was using pixel style ads for everything, including telephone, internet,  and ExpressVu HDtv service.  At the peak of this campaign Bell was using two agencies (Rethink and Cossette) to write their ads, and we made all of the TV spots and a large portion of the print design at the studios of Global Mechanic.

I personally directed over 30 commercials for the Bell campaign and created pixel art for a bazillion magazine, web, newspaper and billboard print ads.  The original look for this campaign was developed primarily by Toke Nygaard of Cuban Council and takes it’s cues from retro 16 bit video game art.

My personal favourite spots from this campaign (in no particular order) are:

TV @ Work
Greek Olympics
HD People
Cheetah vs. Hare

A huge thanks to all the talented writers, designers and animators that brought this campaign to life.

Viva la pixels!

-Nathaniel Akin

Here’s a bunch more, click on any thumbnail to view the spot: