This Bell Mobility ad features the return of JT & Carl, who originally showed up in the tv@work commercial. This version of Cheeta is the directors cut, which includes a rivulet of flourescent green toxic waste in the lab. For some reason Bell didn’t want to be associated with toxic waste.

This commercial compares the speed of Bell Mobility and Rogers cellular network speed, which made Rogers so unhappy they sued BCE claiming

“The Cheetah & Hare ad disparages denigrates, discredits, tarnishes, diminishes and otherwise depreciates the value of the goodwill associated with the Rogers trademarks and Rogers brand. Rogers is symbolically devoured, choked on and then spat out by Bell,”

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Which is faster, a rabbit or a cheetah?

Which is faster, a rabbit or a cheetah?


Director: Nathaniel Akin
Studio: Global Mechanic
Creative Director: Bruce Alcock
Producer: Elizabeth Murray
Animation: Cesare Battista
Design: Toke Nygaard
Agency: Rethink Advertising