What says Christmas more than four unemployed drunken malcontent reindeer sitting in a cafe bitching about ‘the system’? Go ahead and find me a more festive holiday-oriented theme than that, I dare you.

Rethink went through several design revisions for these reindeer – by this point in the campaign there was a standard design guide for human characters, but anthropomorphic animal characters added another layer of interesting design challenges. They had to look a bit grumpy and burnt out, but not too drunk.

This was one of those scripts that come in that are just right. There were very few changes from the original script for this one, though there was some time spent making the glow on Rudolph’s red nose just right.

Four un-employed reindeer walk into a bar...

Four un-employed reindeer walk into a bar...


Director: Nathaniel Akin
Studio: Global Mechanic
Creative Director: Bruce Alcock
Producer: Elizabeth Murray
Animation: Ian Godfrey & Steve Hillman
Design: Toke Nygaard & Vicki Wong
Agency: Rethink Advertising

update: this ad has been selected to screen in competition at the Ottawa Animation Festival in September 2006.