Apparently bell engineers get around – I guess it just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. This is the first appearance of the engineer character ‘Stu’, but he shows up in future ads of this campaign.

This spot was created to advertise the ‘solo’ youth branding for bell mobility and was created along with the testimonials spot. This one involved a lot of pixel design for characters and locations. Cesare Batista helped out with animation and created a lot of the art in this spot alongside Toke Nygaard and myself.


Directed by: Nathaniel Akin
Studio: Global Mechanic
Creative Director: Bruce Alcock
Producer: Tina Oullette
Animation: Cesare Battista
Design: Toke Nygaard, Cesare Battista, Nathaniel Akin
Agency: Rethink Communications