The Great Escape. This Bell Mobility commercial for ‘games on your cel phone’ features three animated soccer players trying to escape from a mobile phone.

This was the first of many pixel style TV ads I directed at Global Mechanic with key design work by Toke Nygaard of Cuban Council.

This is also the first Bell Mobility ad that used stop motion photography of an actual mobile phone for the end tag – in earlier spots we used a CG Maya model I roughed in, with finishing and final rendering done by The Embassy.

The Great Escape showed at the Ottawa Animation festival in 2004, along with my Kitikat station ids for the Nicktoons cartoon channel.

Three soccer players attempt to escape from a mobile phone

Directed by: Nathaniel Akin
Studio: Global Mechanic
Creative Director: Bruce Alcock
Producer: Elizabeth Murray
Animation: Mark Cutler, Cesare Battista
Design: Toke Nygaard
Agency: Rethink Advertising