A commercial for the online 3d scrabble game at worldwinner.com that integrates flying cubes and a fifties design sensibility. A nice tie-in to the nostalgia of a classic board game, and I love the way the 2d animation and design works with the 3d cubes.

Design and animation for this spot was done with a combination of Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects by Bruce Alcock, Paul Boyd and Celest Brown.

Play scrabble online and be glamorous in a sassy sixties style.

Play scrabble online and be glamorous in a sassy sixties style.


Directed by: Nathaniel Akin
Production: Global Mechanic
Creative Director: Bruce Alcock
Producer: Matthew Charde
Animation: Nathaniel Akin, Celest Brown, Paul Boyd
Agency: Almighty

Random technical geekery: This was an interesting project because its the first time I’ve used full 3d within After Effects. I’ve always run into issues translating 3d camera moves from Maya into After Effects and was looking for a way around this which prompted us to try the Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator plugin.

This plugin has some interesting potential for integrating full 3D into AEP projects. Its mainly limited to static 3d objects, but it allows you to import meshes from Maya as well as a few other 3D formats and control lighting and camera within after effects. Updating and previewing imported 3D objects is sluggish, particularly once you start adding lights, etc. – fortunately you can parent the objects to simple solid proxies enabling you to preview camera movement and animation quickly. Though its not perfect, this Zaxwerks 3D plugin can be quite handy and I can definitely see using it in the future, particularly for basic 3D projects when working with animators who are familiar with the After Effects camera, but not any ‘full 3D’ software.